About Us

MODERN KALIP was founded by co-founders Arif ESKİ, Aydın ARAS and Mustafa ERTEM in 1998 in Manisa Kenan Evren Industrial Zone. The company had 1 CNC band in a 100 m2 area at the time. In their first years, the co-founders generally produced metal injection moulds. By growing at a trot, the company extended its service and business capacity by opening a new facility in the Manisa Medium-Sized Industry Zone in 2007. MODERN KALIP, which extended its quality and service by adding new CNC bands with high-quality working capacity, increased its client portfolio by entering also the foreign markets.

MODERN KALIP, which had a new facility in 2014 with 3500 m2 indoor and totally 6000 m2 central molding room and other subsidiary organs, continues to serve with its experienced and professional staff and cutting-edge technological devices in the fields of plastic injection, aluminum metal injection and epoxy moulds.

MODERN KALIP which has the motto of "Solution partner", always takes providing clients with the best, the most economical and the highest quality service on as a duty.


We bear the responsibility of being a fair, honest, trustworthy and innovative establishment. We are in the hot pursuit of the technology and innovations related to our sector such as mould manufacturing, plastic injection mould design, aluminum mould design and production. We provide with human and logistics resources and work with our clients with the sense of solution partnership


In the light of the demand coming from clients, we carry out R&D and product works; therefore, we create product and mould solutions which are the most suitable ones in terms of need with our experienced and expert staff that follow the innovations in modern technology.

endüstriyel tasarım
Industrial Design

We carry out R & D and product studies in line with customer demand and produce the most suitable product and mold solutions for our needs with our modern technology and experienced, experienced and closely followed staff.


With the help of CAD / CAE programs and experienced staff who are using R & D, they are able to make constructive, high quality and fast solutions to their customers by making the necessary analyzes before proceeding with the manufacturing of the products.

ürün projeleri
Product Projects

Advanced technology tools, together with R & D employees, provide the best and most effective solution to their customers by using the market research, reverse engineering and analysis techniques required to improve and develop the demands of their customers.